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Student Accident Insurance

Why School Insurance?

Do you have children? Have you checked your health insurance plan lately? If you're like most people, the co-pays and deductibles are getting higher and higher. The employers are shifting more out of pocket expenses onto the employees!

Our Student Insurance Plans are a great inexpensive answer to offset these higher out of pocket expenses in the event of an injury. The plans start as low as $14 per year! You can also add coverage for dental expenses (resulting from injury) to any plan for only $8 per year! There are no deductibles and this plan pays in addition to your current health insurance. Interscholastic sports coverage is not provided on this plan as the school has most likely purchased our excess plan to cover all the athletes playing sports.

Connecticut Student Accident Insurance

For a summary of the plan coverages please click here to view/print the brochure

Choose from these school-approved plans:

  • Around-the-Clock Plan
  • Schooltime-Only Plan
  • Extended Dental Plan

Connecticut Interscholastic Sports Accident Brochure

For a summary of the plan and coverages please click to view the brochure.